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labyrinth blacksmith

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Laberinto BlackSmith (BlackSmith labyrinth) Ride

In PortAventura the happiness of the children is very important to us so we created a host of attractions just for them, because we think they deserve everything. It’s precisely in PortAventura Far West where waiting for them is one of the most adventurous attractions for children, so kids can let their imaginations run wild.

Delve into the Far West area of PortAventura and discover the mysterious maze of the BlackSmith, one of the attractions for children where children and adults can create their most fantastic adventures in the heart of PortAventura Far West. Despite the passage of years of disuse, the old and dilapidated maze of the BlackSmith still stands. Dare to enter and discover all its secrets! You have to find the exit to the maze of the BlackSmith to get rid of the evil surprises that await you inside.

In this fantastic PortAventura attraction of the Far West the children can enter the house of the thief BlackSmith and visit all parts of the house. Discover the rooms of the thief BlackSmith and run through each of the corridors. Reserved for only the bravest who dare to enter is the basement of one of the most fun attractions for children in PortAventura Far West. Inside you should demonstrate your ability to find the hideouts of this famous thief. Help the well-known thief to keep secret his only hiding place buried in this old blacksmiths workshop that has been converted into Obadiah Blunt’s Restaurant. Around the mythical labyrinth of the BlackSmith you will find all kinds of instruments and tools needed to work the iron, utensils forgoten by their former owner when the blacksmith’s became a famous restaurant. That is why you will find a space with tables and a few abandoned blocks where the cowboys tied their horses.

Do not miss the incredible adventure in the maze of the BlackSmith in one of the most fun attractions for children in PortAventura Far West.

  • Mild Ride 
    Mild Ride
  • Maximum height Maximum height:
    1,40 m


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