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Waikiki Ride

The Waikiki of SésamoAventura PortAventura is a ride that keeps on going round and round. The naughty chairs of this new family area are waiting for the bravest children to sit down and start to feel like they are flying through the sky in PortAventura.

Waikiki PortAventura will allow them to live experiences that have been, until now only designed for the adults. You will find this attraction as you are discovering SésamoAventura, when you think there is nothing more to discover, you see this attraction for children with its huge cake that crowns the tower from which all the chairs hang that do not stop spinning when the attraction gets going. Everyone climb on to the chairs of Waikiki and ... hold on tight!

The chairs in this beloved children’s attraction of SésamoAventura will begin to rise and start turning more and more and ... you will be riding on a flying chair! Yes, you have read correctly; apart from spinning the chairs also go up ... you will believe that you can touch the sky of PortAventura. Let everyone choose a chair to begin this adventure of flying, when you are all prepared you will hear the beep, the tower of the attraction covered with the cake starts to pick up speed, at the same time it will rise to give you the sensation of flying and you can enjoying the best views of SésamoAventura. You will see how many colors are in the new themed area of the park PortAventura.

You will not stop laughing on this attraction for children that can only be found at SésamoAventura.

  • Mild Ride 
    Mild Ride
  • Maximum height Maximum height:
    1,20 m
  • Disability Access 
    Disability Access


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