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The magic tree

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El Árbol Mágico (The Magic Tree) Ride

In the center of the new family area of PortAventura stands the symbol of SésamoAventura, El Árbol Mágico (The Magic Tree). A fun intense green tree welcomes you to this charming area created by the Sesame Street characters. El Árbol Mágico (The Magic Tree) has large eyes that watch everyone in SésamoAventura to make sure they are all having a great time.

If you want you can enter the nice tree where some friendly squirrels are waiting for you to take a photo with them, sitting on a large colorful mushroom. Upon entering you will see that the tree is a little dark, but lights on the ceiling create a very nice atmosphere until you get to the next door. But the SésamoAventura El Árbol Mágico (The Magic Tree) is not only that, it has a grand staircase that takes you to the most privileged viewpoint of the area. You can climb up to half of the tree where you come to a huge balcony from which you can see all the children's attractions and the main avenue of SésamoAventura, ranging from the impressive entrance porch, full of characters from Sesame Street, to the very tree where you are enjoying the colorful view of the area. Go to the center of the new family area of SésamoAventura and discover our El Árbol Mágico.

You can go in and out of it through the doors, but you know that if you want to see SésamoAventura from another point of view, you must climb up the wide wooden staircase and go round a few times as you contemplate all the details of the new area. Surely even in this fantastic vantage point you will discover things and colors you would not have seen if you had not come to El Árbol Mágico (The Magic Tree) so do not hesitate to run up the main street to reach the tree and discover the family area.

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