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Mariposas Saltarinas (Bouncing Butterflies) Ride

There are some lively butterflies that have arrived at SésamoAventura. They don’t stop flying! Up and down waving their spectacular wings that are full of beautiful colors. The Mariposas Saltarinas (Bouncing Butterflies) of SésamoAventura need your strength to help start the flight. Only your desire and strength to push the pedals, the Mariposas Saltarinas (Bouncing Butterflies) of SésamoAventura can start to take off… if you pedal. If you don’t pedal... you cannot fly. Help the Mariposas Saltarinas (Bouncing Butterflies) fill the sky of the new colorful family area!

The friendly Mariposas Saltarinas (Bouncing Butterflies) are waiting for you in this attraction of PortAventura, because what they like most is flying in the sky of SésamoAventura, but they can’t do it alone. They need children and their families with more strength and desire to make them fly to raise them and keep them rising to the top. You can not stop pedaling because if you do it will start its descent, only you can make it fly again. Search for a companion who does not get tired of pedaling, someone who can help you make your butterfly not stop jumping. You and the butterflies want to be on top and don’t want to stop going up and down, but it all depends on you.

Put yourself to the test on one of the most fun attractions of PortAventura theme park. When you're on top, rest your legs and let yourself fall ... but be prepared for when you want to go back up, you will need to regain your strength and pedal as fast as possible so that the Mariposas Saltarinas (Bouncing Butterflies) of PortAventura take flight again in the blue sky in the new family area of PortAventura. Use all your strength to climb in the Mariposas Saltarinas (Bouncing Butterflies) of PortAventura and show how strong you are and how high you can jump. Don’t get on alone, it will be more fun if you share it.

  • Mild Ride 
    Mild Ride
  • Height Restriction Height Restriction:
    1,05 m
  • Height Restriction With Adult Height Restriction With Adult:
    1,05 m - 1,30 m
  • Disability Access 
    Disability Access


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