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El Diablo - Tren de la Mina (The Devil's Train) Ride

Entering the PortAventura colonial Mexico, coming from the Imperial China, there is an old silver mine that El Diablo closed after a group of miners disappeared without a trace. The old train carts carrying the silver from inside the mine to the surface are still working for the ride of El Diablo in PortAventura and it goes at full speed. It is said that it’s the same devil that closed the mine that drives the trains now.

The Tren del Diablo (The Devil's Train) at PortAventura circulates throughout the park just like it did all those years ago, loaded with the silver that was extracted from the mine by the missing miners. The Tren del Diablo goes hurtling through PortAventura and passes through the most secret corners of this old mine. It only stops to invite in the most courageous and curious. Do you want to discover how the dark mines were built with wood? Want to know how they worked there? Want to see and learn every detail and get to the bottom of the mine? The attraction of PortAventura, El Diablo, is the perfect opportunity to travel many years into the past, when this mine was still operating.

The Tren de la Mina (The Devil's Train) takes you on an adventurous journey through the dark mine where the most beautiful silver in Mexico was removed. Now this Tren de la Mina (The Devil's Train) is driven by the same devil that closed the mine all those years ago. He is in the theme park and he is the only one who knows of the most fascinating corners of this exciting journey. The Tren de la Mina (The Devil's Train) goes fast but you will have time to discover what lies behind this fascinating theme park attraction. You can even see the real silver Mexican who was removed from this now abandoned mine.

Are you going to miss the ride El Diablo of PortAventura? Remember that this Tren de la Mina (The Devil's Train) will stop just for you, so get on!

  • Ride type Moderate 
    Ride type Moderate
  • Height Restriction Height Restriction:
    1,40 m
  • Height Restriction With Adult Height Restriction With Adult:
  • Disability Access 
    Disability Access
  • Photo Ride 
    Photo Ride
  • Express 

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