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The Yucatan Ride

In Mexico of PortAventura are the stronger attractions of Mexico and the Yucatan ride of PortAventura is no less than the others. The ride Yucatan of PortAventura Mexico is led by a dragon-headed serpent. The head is the center of the attraction and controls at what speed you will spin.

The attraction Yucatan of PortAventura wants to catch you, and if successful, she will not let you stop spinning in circles so that you have a great time and you can see how much force is needed to reach the speed at which it can make you spin.

Prepare yourself for a shock like you have never felt before! The adventure has just begun. You will hear a sound that will signal that the snake-headed dragon is about to crank it up, going slowly at first, like a pleasant walk, but as you continue, Yucatan in Mexico PortAventura starts to pick up speed ... so hold on tight and stand up to the dragon-headed serpent! Show her just who is stronger and hold on till the end of the ride!

The attraction Yucatan of PortAventura will throw you from side to side in your seat from the speed of the centrifugal force but for sure you will be able to overpower it, all the while having fun trying to overcome the challenge that this theme park attraction challenges you to. Going round and round at high speed around the dragons head of this serpent you will have more fun than ever no matter how mad the snake gets! You will have a great time.

Yucatan of PortAventura Mexico will make you have high speed fun and for certain you will pass the test, so don’t hesitate. The ride of Yucatan PortAventura will make you want to ride it again and again.

  • Ride type Moderate 
    Ride type Moderate
  • Height Restriction Height Restriction:
    1,40 m
  • Height Restriction With Adult Height Restriction With Adult:
  • Disability Access 
    Disability Access

Check the height requirements for the attractions at PortAventura Park here.


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