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Feathered Serpent

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Serpiente Emplumada (Feathered Serpent) Ride

In PortAventura Mexico large green plants grow that form spectacular vegetation. Among this dense wild vegetation, with Mayan ruins, they start a worship ceremony at the Serpiente Emplumada (Feathered Serpent) of PortAventura. The Theme Park’s most famous snake has an attraction of its own in Mexico to represent a spectacular ritual to demonstrate his powers. The Serpiente Emplumada (Feathered Serpent) invites you to join in this ritual which is full of movement. Hop on to this ride of PortAventura Mexico.

The ritual involves walking around the sacred totem. You sit on a platform that runs from the green and purple totem pole that stands in the middle of the ride and the Serpiente Emplumada (Feathered Serpent) of PortAventura will be responsible for making the totem take all his strength and begin to rotate without stopping, increasingly faster and between him and the Serpiente Emplumada (Feathered Serpent) of PortAventura you will be going at a dramatic speed having fun while participating in one of the Mexican rituals of the amusement park.

Join in the ritual and succumb to his powers, revolve around the sacred totem at a great speed and make the most of the ups and downs of this powerful attraction of PortAventura in Mexico. And yes, you read correctly, up and down. The arms of the totem will make you spin and will also raise you from the ground, bringing you closer to him and he will continue to lift you as high as possible so that you dance with the Serpiente Emplumada (Feathered Serpent) of PortAventura. Participate in this ritual where the green and purple are the protagonist colors together with the spinning dance, which takes more and more strength to make you spin faster, you are also leading the ritual, without you, this attraction of Mexico PortAventura could not spin as fast, he needs your help, your strength and your desire to have fun for the ritual to be perfect.

  • Ride type Moderate 
    Ride type Moderate
  • Height Restriction Height Restriction:
    1,30 m
  • Disability Access 
    Disability Access


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