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The North Station

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Estació del Nord (The North Station) Ride

In Port Aventura there is an old locomotive which awaits you in the Estació del Nord (The North Station) to transport you from the quiet PortAventura Mediterrània that opens its doors to the park, to the Far West of PortAventura. Take the train from Estació del Nord (The North Station) PortAventura and embark on a magical train journey. From the Estació del Nord (The North Station) you can enjoy a beautiful and quiet ride from PortAventura Mediterrània, passing through the most unimaginable areas that Port Aventura hides to the Far West PortAventura, just for you to enjoy only by riding the train.

As you travel from PortAventura Mediterránia, you will see through the vegetation that you are coming to the new thematic area of Port Aventura; SésamoAventura, where the train will stop if you want to jump off and have fun going on the rides that the Sesame Street characters have built for you and yours.

If you choose not to get off here then you will continue with the fantastic ride, where you will cross the Great Wall of China, pass close by to the Dragon Khan and watch how the little ones enjoy themselves in the children’s playground. The train does not stop so don’t miss a single thing which you can see in this fantastic journey. Before arriving at Far West PortAventura you will see snippets of Mexico and we are sure you'll want to enjoy all there is to do and see in this area. By now you'll be close to reaching your destination and the journey will be about to end but before it does you will see the real Far West which is where the journey ends of the locomotive that has come from Estació del Nord (The North Station) of PortAventura. You will have re-charged your batteries enough to be able to carry on with your adventure into the Far West. The train stops right in the heart and centre of the Far West and you will feel transported as you step of the train onto a beautifully constructed wooden station. So get out there and enjoy it, cowboy!

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