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Drassana Port

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Port de la Drassana (Shipyard Port)

The attraction of the Port de la Drassana (Shipyard Port) enables you to travel from the tranquil Mediterranean to ancient China in a quiet ride aboard one of the boats at PortAventura amusement park. To reach the final destination you must cross the gentle waters that surround PortAventura Mediterrània.

Experience one of the most enjoyable and relaxing cruises in the Mediterranean. Climb aboard the attraction Port de la Drassana (Shipyard Port) of Port Aventura and travel, as Marco Polo, to the mysterious Port of Waitan where they will weigh anchor in Imperial China where all those who dare to spend a day at the amusement park Port Aventura can disembark. Before arriving, you will have crossed the wild Polynesia and aboard the ship you will have discovered the spectacular vegetation, you will have heard the songs of the Polynesians, you will have seen their beach and the scene for their performances all aboard a single attraction of PortAventura. Go for it and enjoy a fantastic journey, you will see things that you can only enjoy on this attraction at Port Aventura amusement park. Port de la Drassana (Shipyard Port) will transport you to the heart of the Mediterrània and Polynesia through its waters. Take this time to rest, relax and enjoy the scenery that you can only see from one of the boats that PortAventura amusement park has to offer.

A ship where you can sit back and relax as the captain sails you through the waters and you get to feel the cool breeze through your hair and it will get you looking forward to the Grand Imperial China. You've picked up enough energy to continue with the rest of your day with all your strength and enjoy every moment of the infinite emotions that await you in the PortAventura amusement park. Hop on to one of the boats of the attraction Port de la Drassana (Shipyard Port) and enjoy this trip that you will want to repeat during your visit.

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