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Stampida Ride

On the outskirts of the town of Penitence, in the Far West area of PortAventura, there is a roller coaster of PortAventura that is made of wood.

The history of the roller coaster of PortAventura Far West goes back to the first settlers that arrived from Europe to the new continent. In the Far West of PortAventura they race their carts to be as fast as they can to get the best land first. For that reason the Stampida of PortAventura is much more than just a wooden roller coaster, because the families remember the ways they used to acquire the land, families who managed to reach the desired plots before the rest. The first inhabitants of the town of Penitence, in Far West of PortAventura, were those who managed this great feat. The family Cranberry and the family Connery built this roller coaster of PortAventura Far West. With a red track and a blue track they were in a duel that was fought constantly to acquire new land.

This PortAventura roller coaster was built out of wood as the key building element for the early settlers. The Stampida of PortAventura is a tribute to this achievement where a great race is held between the two families in this wooden roller coaster that reaches 70 km / h. The ground begins to shake and a cloud of dust rises on the horizon. Let the awesome power of this PortAventura roller coaster shake. After a mile of ups and downs, the roller coaster of PortAventura Far West will leave you breathless. The competition has begun and only the fastest will get to win a spot in the Far West of PortAventura. Run as fast as you can to win this authentic race of carts converted into an incredible rollercoaster ride of PortAventura.

  • Extreme ride 
    Extreme ride
  • Height Restriction Height Restriction:
    1,20 m
  • Disability Access 
    Disability Access
  • Photo Ride 
    Photo Ride
  • Express 

Check the height requirements for the attractions at PortAventura Park here.


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