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Buffalo Rodeo

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Buffalo Rodeo Ride

During your adventure in the Far West of PortAventura you can not miss going through the Buffalo Rodeo where you drive your own buffalo and learn the art of the rodeo of PortAventura. Dig into the old gold mines of America in the Far West of PortAventura where only one law exists, the law of the fittest. For all that you already know about speed and dodging other cowboys; only this way can you become the champion. In Buffalo Rodeo, one of the most iconic attractions for children in PortAventura Far West, you will have to demonstrate your skills as a Cowboy to tame your own buffalo and dodge the crazy buffalos of your adventurous peers.

Dare to climb this infant attraction of the Far West PortAventura that simulates a huge rodeo on a circular track which has been developed especially for children. The time has come for you to mount your buffalo little cowboy, and show them once and for all who rules better than anyone the art of the rodeo in PortAventura. Dare yourself to go on in this fantastic ride of PortAventura Far West, leading the way driving the bumper cars and challenge your friends in the Buffalo Rodeo attraction. You will have to be bold to avoid colliding with the other little cowboys. If you want to emerge unscathed from this intrepid PortAventura attraction in the Far West you must prove who the bravest cowboy in town is and show everyone why you won the title of master of the art of rodeo in PortAventura. Step into one of the gold mines of the United States in Buffalo Rodeo enjoying incredible views of the Waitan Port area of China.

Do not let the others tell you, you'll be the one to tell them how you mastered the PortAventura bumper cars of the Far West and learnt the art of rodeo PortAventura, becoming the champion of Buffalo Rodeo.

  • Mild Ride 
    Mild Ride
  • Maximum height Maximum height:
    1,40 m
  • Disability Access 
    Disability Access


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