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PortAventura China

The next stop on your adventure takes you to PortAventura China, a vast themed area that is carefully maintained down to the smallest detail where you can enjoy a fun tour through the monumental colonial China. As if by magic you have traveled to the majestic China which is made up of the areas of Mongolia and Imperial China. In China you will find the challenging ride of PortAventura Dragon Khan, one of the most emblematic and iconic rides of PortAventura, which acts as the host of Imperial China.

Inspired by an old Chinese fable, the legend of a proud prince who tried to dethrone the emperor of ancient China and the gods punished him by turning him into a dragon and condemning him to wander aimlessly forever. If you dare to ride the main attraction of PortAventura China hold on tight because it will take out all its fury upon thee with 8 vertical loops and a speed of 110 km/h with the excitement reaching fever pitch.

One of the most successful parts in this area of China is the Children's Area located in the Mongolia camp. The little ones can ride upon the back of a dragon, cross endless bridges, climbing nets and dive down a huge slide of the great Chinese dragon. In the children’s area of China there is a wealth of attractions for younger children as well as the slides where the kids have a great time. The Great Wall of China joins the two areas and is the main sight to see in the area PortAventura China, where besides the great variety of attractions on offer you can enjoy the magnificent shows with stunning acrobatic dances. For the children the magical Bubblebou show awaits you at the theatre in the Children’s area.

With so many adventures to be had you’re bound to feel hungry! Well at PortAventura China you can enjoy traditional Asian cuisine and choose from a wide variety of authentic menus. If you don’t want to miss a single minute of adventure, in the Children's Area of China you can choose from a myriad of snacks to continue the fun in PortAventura.

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