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El Tifón (The Typhoon) Attraction

In this refreshing tropical adventure you cannot drop your guard, not even for a second, pirate! It’s a good idea if you practice your famous balance on board a ship because when the sky begins to darken and the multitude of palm trees in abundance among the attractions of PortAventura Aquatic Park begin to shake it means there is an approaching unbeatable El Tifón (The Typhoon) to PortAventura. Many brave souls have dared to challenge this strong tropical storm but very few have managed to survive the fury of nature at its most devastating state in the attraction El Tifón (The Typhoon), considered one of the most intense attractions of PortAventura Aquatic Park

Run up to the top of the tower and choose one of the two intrepid paths on offer to you from the attraction El Tifón down its two slides that begin at about 15 meters high and finish with a truly dizzying descent. The furious storm breaks out and you'll find yourself immersed in a wild and fun endless turmoil in total darkness. Only the timid lights from the lightning will show you the way to escape from these diabolical twists. The strength that comes with this El Tifón (The Typhoon) to PortAventura will drag you through an authentic Caribbean storm. You must keep your cool because once the current reaches you it will be impossible to know what awaits you in the heart of this unstoppable meteorological phenomenon. The attraction El Tifón (The Typhoon) is really impressive and is considered one of the most intrepid PortAventura Aquatic Park attractions. 

Reserved only for the most daring of pirates, its chaotic slides will lead you into this Caribbean storm with the strength of the hurricane and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean it will wrap you in a refreshing and fun adventure through its dizzying declines. See for yourself that the fun is endless in each and every one of the attractions of PortAventura Aquatic Park.

  • Ride type Moderate 
    Ride type Moderate
  • Height Restriction Height Restriction:
    1,10 m
  • Height Restriction With Adult Height Restriction With Adult:
    < 1,10 m


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